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NAEA® Expert Advisor Certification

Certified Home Buyer Advisor® Certification

Get Certified by NAEA® (National Association of Expert Advisors)

Learn a proven and repeatable system to build a pipeline of future an current buyer opportunities. Get all the scripts and processes necessary to have a reliable system that will generate new buying clients on a consistent basis for your Real Estate business.

NAEA® Certification Included (also see Certified Home Selling Advisor Course)
[26 Modules + Certification and Workbook]
  • Setting and Qualifying the Buyer Appointment
  • Buyer Sales Process sample
  • Roleplay
  • Setting and Qualifying The DownPayment Assistance Buyer Appointment
  • Qualifying Questions
  • Down Payment Assistance Referral & Role Play
  • Qualifying and Q&A
  • Objections
  • The Buyer Presentation
  • Verifying the Appointment
  • Setting Expectations
  • Placemat Front
  • Placemat Roleplay (cont)
  • 7 Laws Buyer (Section A)
  • 7 Laws Buyer (Section B)
  • 7 Laws - Role Playing
  • Buyer's Advantage Program
  • Bonus
  • Setting Expectations and Showing Homes
  • Buyer Offer Strategy
  • Showing Offers and Helping
  • Closing and Testimonials
  • Repairs, Inspections, and Negotiations
  • Live Presentation
  • Home Choice Questions and Qualifying Questions
  • Smart Home Buying
  • Buying Advantage Program
  • Q&A, Other Important People for Decision, Comparables, and Sign Listing
  • Small Selection for Buyer
  • Buyer Placemat
  • Buyer Placemat Back
  • Buyer Placemat Front
  • Take Certified Home Buying Advisor® Test Online
  • Certified Home Buying Advisor® Certification Online Test
Completion rules
  • You must complete the test "Certified Home Buying Advisor® Certification Online Test"
  • Leads to a certification with a duration: Forever